GDPR SHIT: Obviously, b.z collects your email address and username so you can log in and post stuff. If you're not happy with that, then why did you sign up? If you want to remove your details from b.z, you can delete your account and they'll be gone. Bibeogaem Zone may use your email address to send you things like password change info and the like, but I'm not going to sell your details to spammers or anything like that. I'm not a twat.

Does that cover it? I think so.

Bibeogaem Zone

Hello! Welcome aboard. We're a small, friendly instance for silly people who like funny swearing and computer games. We're LGBT friendly and try to be as inclusive as possible. No knobheads.

We also have an IRC channel RIGHT HERE at or encrypted at The main channel is #bibeogaem.