What is bibeogaem.zone?

HELLO. Everyone who's not a knobhead is welcome aboard. We mostly make toilet humour jokes under the pretence of attempting to be all about computer games and other nerd crap.

We also have an IRC channel RIGHT HERE at irc.bibeogaem.zone. The main channel is #bibeogaem.

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  • Don't be a dick.
  • Don't run annoying bots. Clear what you want to do with @pixelguff first.
  • Don't spam the place up with crapvertising.
  • No nazis, alt-righters, racists, other persons deemed to be a fuckmonkey by the admin.
  • No kiddy porn Jesus Fucking Christ why do I need to say that?
  • No other illegal shit that'll end up with me getting my collar felt.
  • We are 100% LGBT friendly. If that's not for you, feel free to find another instance.

Remember the golden rule: "Don't make Uncle Guffo do any more work than he has to!"