Hi all,

FYI: I'm probably going to bring this instance down at the end of the month. It's costing me £25-ish per month and I don't have the time or the mental bandwidth to keep it up and running and maintained.

Once I clear out the storage on the server and reduce the cost of the VPS plan, I'll deffo do something with the site.

Cheers for being involved, and I'll be posting now and then on the hellsite, IRC, and Discord. :)


@vease Oh, yeah! It's been empty for 6 months or so. It looks like the scene of some really depressing environmental storytelling in Fallout.

How is everyone? I'm in the middle of moving into a house that's not ready to be moved into. This is as fun as it sounds.

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You ever go on twitter after using mastodon a bunch and stare at a post thinking "what is this dogshit, I don't get it, why am I seeing this?" and then remember twitter has ads?

B.Z has polls now!

Holy crap. Upgrading from 2.7.0 to 2.8.3 was the easiest, issue free upgrade yet, and it's freed up about 4GB of space. Nice one, @gargron

b.z is going to be down for a sec while I do some upgrades/maintenance.

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PSA: I'm doing a bit of housekeeping on the server. If anything goes weird it means I've probably fucked something important up.

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@ivyandgoldx@4eva.online It's a whateverthefuck instance :)

@it@monstrous.church @root I'm onto the VR porn here. Advanced stuff.

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Bibeogaem Zone

Hello! Welcome aboard. We're a small, friendly instance for silly people who like funny swearing and computer games. We're LGBT friendly and try to be as inclusive as possible. No knobheads.

We also have an IRC channel RIGHT HERE at bibeogaem.zone:6667 or encrypted at bibeogaem.zone:6697. The main channel is #bibeogaem.