@Caelyn Internet specifically at home? I managed to get dial up working on my Windows 95 box and immediately found a dirty chat room. It was great!

Apologies for any downtime. I managed to let the domain expire.

I am a pro sysadmin.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I noticed you said Linux
But without the GNU

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It's basically impossible for me to take a selfie where I'm not pulling a stupid face.

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Why did so many roads in that cartoon run straight into a cliff wall?

@PublicChaffinch I believe "mastonauts" has been used before.

Bonus: It also literally means Titty Sailor.

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@Inskora When B1 was little, she adopted "reach" as a unit of how unable she was to get to something. So if she couldn't get to something she would say it was "too reach".

Having just seen that fucking awful post on :twitter: about the ill thought out play where the only autistic character is a dead-eyed, grey puppet, I would like to issue the following statement.

@colon_three If anyone's going to end up with ownership of All Thing Amiga, Cloanto are probably best!

@colon_three That'll make the ongoing legal battle between Cloanto, Amiga Inc, and Hyperion interesting.

Holy shitsnacks. If I'm understanding this correctly, it looks like Cloanto has bought Amiga Inc.

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