Picking a new computer:

1998: "Everything's twice as fast as it was last year! So much choice! So many options!"

2018: "OK, so which of these fucking things is the least broken?"

@pixelguff Some year in between: "OK, which one of these shit won't try to prevent me from installing the OS *I want* to fucking use"

@pixelguff Or:

2018: "*Using chip from 2013 still* Naw, I think I'll just wait another year again"

@pixelguff well there's cloud, cloud, ads, cloud, Russian gangsters, NSA, and cloud, that one's not got much cloud in in it

@pixelguff Just got a new one myself! And yeah, I was blown away with how fast they are. Definitely an upgrade :)

I just bought a bunch of old Z80s to build my own computer

@architect @pixelguff I decided to get a new laptop months ago. Every time I sit down and order one, I discover how bad they all are. There is not a single computer available which has even most of the features I need.

It's also not helped by the fact that all the vendors make it extremely difficult to figure out precisely what they are offering.

For a fun pop quiz: Try to find out which Lenovo laptop can take 32 GB RAM.

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