11G accounts/
928M custom_emojis/
17G media_attachments/
3.4G preview_cards/

This seems excessive for ~95 user instance with not much traffic. Does that look right?

@pixelguff Do you know about `tootctl media remove --days=xx`?

@gargron Hmmmm, I've got that running in cron, but not with the --days argument. I'm using whatever the defaults are. I'll try it with a low number of days...

@gargron OK, I just removed stuff older than 3 days and it cleared 2.6GB. Hmm.

@pixelguff FWIW I just moved 60GB+ of data from that folder to Wasabi S3 because I ran out of space on my 2 user instance. It adds up!

@jonah I just had a quick look at Wasabi. That could be a winner!

@pixelguff definitely cheaper than Amazon! Check out this wonderful guide by @angristan if you want to switch to object storage

@jonah @angristan Oh, sweet. I'll more than likely switch to that when I have a moment where my kids aren't jabbering at me! Cheers!

@pixelguff as I understand it, all data for federated accounts is stored locally. So even a relatively small instance can chew up a lot of data if it’s federated with lots of accounts.

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