In light of today's events: It shouldn't need to be reiterated, but Nazis can fuck off and get punched in the face.

@pixelguff btw unsurprisingly Jack is hiding behind a RT of the shooting. Gee wonder why he can’t talk about it himself? #sarcasm

@gdsk3k I've always joked that Twitter Nazis wear @Jack-boots

@pixelguff He’s lucky everyone points the finger at Zuckerberg making his awful deeds virtually ignored in the press.

After listening to the audiobook “Bad Blood” about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, I’m amazed at how these idiots at Silicon Valley are coddled with almost nobody asking for accountability for their shady crap.

@pixelguff I contend Jack was a more anti-American player in the Russian hacking of the 2016 US Election more than Zuckerberg ever was.

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