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How is everyone? I'm in the middle of moving into a house that's not ready to be moved into. This is as fun as it sounds.

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You ever go on twitter after using mastodon a bunch and stare at a post thinking "what is this dogshit, I don't get it, why am I seeing this?" and then remember twitter has ads?

B.Z has polls now!

Holy crap. Upgrading from 2.7.0 to 2.8.3 was the easiest, issue free upgrade yet, and it's freed up about 4GB of space. Nice one, @gargron

b.z is going to be down for a sec while I do some upgrades/maintenance.

PSA: I'm doing a bit of housekeeping on the server. If anything goes weird it means I've probably fucked something important up.

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Sonic. What the fuck? Show more

@Caelyn Had another report! This time for not CWing requests for help. I obviously cancelled the report, but here I am passing on the message.

I don't have any rules on CWs here because literally anything could need a CW for someone out there.

NSFW? Badly drawn cock 'n' balls. UKPOL Show more

How is everyone? I've not been about much.

Wow, they really fucked the :twitter: web interface up then?

PSA: I finished Cuphead. Feel free to update your spreadsheets with this information.

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Source Code for Zork, Hitchhiker’s Guide, and Other Infocom Games on GitHub

(submitted by laurent123456)

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[New Topic]

It’s not foreskin though, is it?

[ at]
[See more at]

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