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NSFW? Badly drawn cock 'n' balls. UKPOL Show more

How is everyone? I've not been about much.

Wow, they really fucked the :twitter: web interface up then?

PSA: I finished Cuphead. Feel free to update your spreadsheets with this information.

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Source Code for Zork, Hitchhiker’s Guide, and Other Infocom Games on GitHub

(submitted by laurent123456)

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It’s not foreskin though, is it?

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Since my wife pointed out that my left eye defocuses and does its own thing when I'm reading, I can't help but notice it.

Stupid fuckin eye.

OK! The disk usage seems to have stabilised on b.z. I upgraded the VPS, but I'm not sure how much that will cost all up.

I'll work it out!

@Caelyn What I mean is: It's entirely up to you if you want to CW selfies. I don't care either way, but if that's something you care about, I have now passed on the message.

To be honest, they could have just fucking replied to you.

@Caelyn Someone reported you for not CWing your selfie. I deleted the report because REALLY?

Just thought I'd let you know though.

11G accounts/
928M custom_emojis/
17G media_attachments/
3.4G preview_cards/

This seems excessive for ~95 user instance with not much traffic. Does that look right?

The amount of storage Masto is using here is ballooning. Gonna purge any dead/bot looking accounts to see if it helps.

Bringing B.Z down for a minute to migrate the data...


The server Bibeogaem Zone hangs off of is rapidly running out of resources. I'm going to attempt to upgrade the VPS, but all sorts of outage fuckery may happen.

@Inskora Did you see that there's a load of NMS updatery coming?

In light of today's events: It shouldn't need to be reiterated, but Nazis can fuck off and get punched in the face.

Hello, shaggers! How's things?

I've been up to my arsecheeks in house related paperwork and looking after kids and doing a full time job and walking the "don't completely lose my marbles" tightrope.

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You can't un-cum in the milk

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