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I backordered a NES Mini a couple of months ago and it just turned up! Im somehow better at Donkey Kong now than I was 35 years ago.

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Hey cis allies here's how you can help the fight for trans rights :)

Me in 2014: Use our pronouns! Give your own pronouns in your email signatures to normalize it! Correct other cis people on misgendering!! :) It's easy;

Me now: Communism. Bring about communism.

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I bought an xbone on a whim. I think I might be cracking up.

My parents' generation to me when I was in my teens: "You might think like that now, but people get more right wing as they get older."

Me at 42:

OK! I done an admin on a sys.

I've written a bash script that checks the number of days left on the ssl certs for b.z, then renews them when required, restarts services that use them, then toots at me via @UltraButt when it's done!

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We all like a furious donkey!

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I just trapped my finger between the desk and the arm of my chair and discovered new, uncharted lands of swearing.

I'm going to admin the shit out of this sys and make it renew its certs automatically so I never have to think about it again.

No, *YOU* let the cert expire on your masto instance.

RIP Ouya. Murdered by your own management and PR.

This will never not be the funniest thing in the world to me.

I did an SCP article for the Doomsday 2018 thing. I really need some upvotes if anyone's cool with that!

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It looks like foreskins?

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