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Assembly was a little slicker this year. Much more subdued in the hall, but still a great place to hang out and work. Was super productive.

Demo compos were a little down on previous years, but that’s the cycle. Should mean a decent influx over the next couple of years.

I may have half drunkenly committed to entering my firstro... uh oh :D

@Truck tried to swing by to say bye before I left last night but you were busy. But great to see you again, hope you had a good party!

Tempted to get Ste's loading screen on a Duvet and give it to him for Xmas. Sssssh...

The back end is a good few swears a minute right now, so I'm going to add a few more screens where you're massively over-powered. I like the idea of the player ending the game with mid-digits raised.

So very nearly managed to complete Cecconoid. But no. Died on the last bloody screen.

Think I’ve decided what my next side project is going to be.

I've pushed a build to Itch, and now I'm going to go swim in the sun...

Made some tweaks to my Twitch Scroller. No starfield, yet, but it supports arbitrary layouts in the bitmap. And I drew a couple of missing characters...

Totally added a sine scroller to my Twitch layout....

Just got my card from Curve. Going to be very interesting to see how well that works. Hoping one card and Apple Pay will remove the need for a wallet, particularly when travelling.

I picked the wrong week to be working on a MacBook Pro. These things get stupidly hot.

If someone could open source ZBrush, now, that’d be grand.

So no one’s shat in the pool today, so I guess that’s an improvement.

Yesterday was one hell of a weird day. Started with a massive high from the previous night's Digitiser Live show, hit the rocks when some dirty skank shat in the public swimming pool (Portsmouth, man) and then I find out Glenn's gone.

This week can't possibly sustain that level.

If anyone’s drinking tonight, raise a glass to my friend, Glenn Stephenson. You don’t know him, but he was a fucking funny kiwi that’s been taken far too soon by cancer, and if there’s another side he’ll be toasting you all right back. RIP Glenn. You won’t be forgotten. X

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