Oh, apparently this instance is shutting down, so I'll be back over at @korruptor for a while. x

Woo! Guess who’s been awake all night, coughing and sneezing.

Oh, apparently this instance is shutting down, so I'll be back over at @korruptor for a while. x

Introducing my fiancé to the Wicker Man (original obv). I may have over hyped it, if that’s possible.

Lying in bed drinking coffee, eating bacon sarnies and reading comics because SUNDAY

Ah, balls. UE4.23 has removed the old DoF functions, so that's my lovely, fuzzy out-of-focus tree tops ruined :(

Hello! I'll be notifying you if Jeff Minter is streaming on Periscope, which usually means he's out feeding and fussing his ungulates 🐏

@Truck might be that unity didn’t have focus, which is entirely possible. It could have taken full screen without being “front”. Just guessing

@Truck yeah, this stuff is so incredibly annoying. Apologies.

First time I’ve tried UE4 on a Mac and lo, it compiled and ran Maenhîr perfectly.

For some reason I’m genuinely surprised by that. Unity has different bugs on each platform...

Us Two vs IWGB is going to be very interesting.

I'm a total advocate for a developer union -- in fact I'd go further, I'd only setup another studio as a co-op -- but I've been less than impressed with IWGB so far.

I’ve bought an iMac, so technically I can save Lumo from the inevitable notarisation death, but it’ll be a push for me to be arsed if I’m honest.

I’m tempted to have a go with Cecconoid, though. Just to see how the Mac App Store performs. That’s not much work.

On a conf call. Not done one of these in a while!

Someone's trying to sell me middleware. They haven't remotely worked out what sort of stuff I make, so this should be fun. :D

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