A morning of adding epilepsy warnings to things. Flashy game flashes.

@korruptor As someone with photosensitive epilepsy, I thank you. 👍


@andy yeah sorry. Whatever you do don’t play Cecconoid. It’s absolutely not friendly in that sense.

Actually it’s not very friendly in any sense.

@korruptor I started playing Ruiner at the weekend. That was pretty tough on the eyes so I had to stop.

@andy tbh I was kinda aware of it but @Truck reminded me last night, so I’ve slapped a warning on the store pages and in game.

@korruptor @andy actually it's the only comment in the steam comment area. A supreme example of how not to write a bug report (:

Grammar, entitlement, the whole lot (:

@Truck @andy assumed English wasn’t their first language, but yeah, that’s basically what most of the interactions I have with gamers is like.

@Truck @andy no idea tbf, when I see that level of grammar I just assume it’s not their first Lang.

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