Had some fun in the side project today. Need to use it to prep my final set of lectures in March.

Camera Shake values are completely nonesense atm, before you say anything :D

@korruptor that's a cool name, I imagine it's indicative of the difficulty you're aiming for? :D

@emptyfortress it'll have some options. Very likely to have a Robotron-type thing as a separate game-mode, but I'll probably put in a tourist mode for the main-game, so you can just stroll through it if you want to.


nice, I'm getting too old for Raph Cecco levels of intensity in games :D

I like that you have clear warnings of enemy spawn points, that was one of the few things I hated in his games

@korruptor I was wondering whether Obra Dinn has made everyone dig the look again :-)

@sil nah, Downwell nailed it before, and there are other 4bit Indies.

@korruptor I shall have to check some out; I dig the look :)

@sil see Minit, Switch n Shoot, or the whole black and white tag on Itch.

Black, White and Red will nicely date my side project in twenty years time ;)

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