The problem with lazy-ass holidays is the inevitable Monday that starts looming...

My advice to gamedevs right now: Loudly, proudly, and visibly come out in undeniable support of trans and non-binary identities, recognition and condemnation of all forms of racism, and show an understanding of ableism, because we're all getting pretty sick of risking support.

First post hols change: deleting twitter off my phone...

FaceID can’t recognise me when I’m yawning. I’ll bear that in mind when I need to go looting after Brexit.

First day of holibobs, and I’ve got engaged! Bubbles for lunch :)

Gotta wonder how many times Linux Journal can die :(

Long flight ahead, so the iPods have been pulled out and charged. Both turned out to be interesting snap-shots in time.

Ah, Evil Paul has stuck up a vid of his entry. Music by Gaz Liddon of Zzap64 fame, no less.

And holy shit at that screen. Pray that someone does a full res demo next year! Would be delicious.

so that was an Assembly.

It was a good one, and there were good productions.

There were some excellent 1k and 4k's. There were good productions in every other category, and we saw new blood doing things.

People complaining that the quality dropped because people who have 20-80 years of combined experience with code, direction, tools, and production didn't show up with a new blockbuster, and therefore things sucked - fsck right the hell OFF.

The scene will always be a place people can make whatever the hell they want, for the people who enjoy watching all types of productions. And if the only ones you want to see are the "top" ones, you're missing out. If only the "top" ones excite you, you're jaded, and need to take a step back and look what is actually happening... people are making worlds and letting you peer into them. Because they enjoy making them, not because they get paid for it.

That was a GOOD Assembly. Let's make the next one better.

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