I've been hammering the second part of The Kleptones' new album, this week. It's utterly brilliant, and I recommend everyone wraps their ears around it.

Which is easier said than done, admittedly, so here's a handy link:


Nils Frahm wuz gud.

Impressed at how little kit he had on stage, as well.

PIxel'd some tiles, fixed some bugs.

First day at my own desk, working on my own stuff, for three weeks. Nice to be back...

Aseprite is a wonderful and magnificent piece of software. God bless all who sail in her.

Visited the never before seen Tools section in the Steam client -- to find the Assetto Corsa dedicated server, last night -- and holy shit, how many SDK's, servers and schtuffs do I have installed that I've never seen before?!

At this price, the memory in my laptop costs $687 million dollars

This is one of those rare weeks where my Spotify Discovery playlist is all killer, no filler.

No, you deleted your accounts folder instead of the zip archive of it.

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Still looking for game programming or game design work!
🔹 Unity, UE4, Game Maker, Godot, or any engine.
🔹 Tools, shaders, systems, I'm very flexible.
🔹 Any genre or completely new ones.
🔹 Sydney or remote
fenreliania@gmail.com or DM
Fenreliania.itch.io #gamedev

Kinda nice to be sat at my own desk, again, but I've now forgotten how to work...

So I'm making lists instead.

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Hey folks, @pupper and I have had all of our benefits cut with no chance of anything changing before March. They're not getting more than eight hours a week from their job. We're entirely reliant on donations for food and bills right now. Please share and give a little if you have it to spare. Thank you. paypal.me/caelyne

I've drunk all the still white wine in the airport lounge. Reckon I got my money's worth.

Wheeee, that's the sound of all the work done for my client being thrown away.

Can't wait for Monday

In other news, I'm making my slow journey back to the UK. Will miss the snow :(

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