Never underestimate the ability of 70s easy listening to make the code flow..

Actually, I might not make it to the end. The phrase "caring capitalism" has just been used.

Still morbidly watching that Thatcher series. Clinging on for the satisfaction that she's going to get the boot at some point...

Sake Monday, why're you in such a fucking rush to get here.

Had a quite enjoyable afternoon animating things, and now I'm off to treat myself to a pint with a game dev I've wanted to meet for yoooonks.

Been thinking about doing some limited advertising for Cecconoid, but where the hell can you advertise these days without giving money to Facebook and Google?

Have been pointed to Keymailer, though, so might give that whirl in August.

Man, it's soooo nice to be working on the main project again. <3

PC Engine mini; finally, a hw announce at E3 that I can get excited about.

Me staring at emails.... Sees email from Atari... pre-order now.... $389.99. At this point, I fell off my chair and suddenly a bowl of petunias and a sperm whale appeared.

KMail's pretty damn good, innit? I think it's replacing Thunderbird as my daily driver.

I can't be the only person that hates going to weddings...

Just spent Friday night watching a mate get a podium, via twitch, in the Actrollvision Indy car league. This is not the future I was expecting.

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