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Let's meet Pauline. She's a foam convertor from Dingwall.

Let's meet Ann. She's a furnace man from Craigavon.

Look what you could have won if you weren't shite at darts.

Let's meet Ann. She's a metal worker from Lisburn.

Let's meet Barbara. She's a tour guide from Ruthin.

Let's meet Marjorie. She's a biochemist from Woodstock.

Let's meet Eileen. She's a typist from Ipswich.


Let's meet Doreen. She's an ambulance crew from Chatteris.

Let's meet Frederick. He's a practice manager from Farnworth.

Let's meet Judith. She's an inventor from Yarmouth.

Stay out of the black and into the red. Nothing in this game for two in a bed.

Let's meet Alfred. He's an aircraft surface finisher from Knighton.

Let's meet Hilary. She's a bar manager from Dartford.

You win nothing but your BFH. Bus Fare Home.

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