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Finally, even though folks haven't really shown much interest in polls (cue Veldora style Laugh, NYAHAHAHAAAA), I would like folks to say if they're interested in any of the following retro-things for, say, a Wednesday stream. We'll give this a week.

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Hokay, while I'm waiting for follows to import, hi there, Jamie Durbin, aka The Mad Welshman here, migratin' to Bibeogaem zone because... Well, I write about dem bibeogaems at

I also do digital art, and you can find that at @TMWArtStuff (SFW) and @TMWLewd (NSFW.)

Support links are in my profile and on the site, if you like the reviews/streams/arts. 😉

(To give some idea, attempting to upload a review was puttin' me upward of 83C. Normal high load temp for an FX-6300 is 65, danger temp is 90, and shutdown... 115. Which, apparently I've been reaching a few times this week.)

Welp. Heat sink's definitely on the way out, and I can't get a replacement till... Well, around the 20th. Can still browse (for now), but...


In the interests of crediting the creators, this is from the cliffhanger of Bandette #15, by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover. <3

Re-reading the Comic Book History of Comics, and the EC section reminded me of the best (Apparently unintentional) comic reference pun out there.


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Reviews *may* be delayed by this, but since I usually post on Saturdays or Mondays, I'm hoping not.

Right, problems with the PC identified, but it's the PSU dying, so... All streams this week cancelled until a replacement arrives. Thankfully, fam has helped out there, but it just shows exactly how fragile this reviewing gig really is.

Thoughts on AoW Planetfall so far, in image order:

- The Amazon colony ship looks a little like a rabbit. This is oddly fitting.

- Yes, there's a plant/animal hybrid NPC faction. <3

- Last two are: I'm genuinely not sure who are the bigger murderbastards, Kir'Ko or Assembly...

Thankfully, after some intensive investigation, the shutdown was indeed an overheat, but due to running streamlabs and AoW Planetfall at the same time. Lower graphics settings might have helped, but it would have crashed anyhoo. Such a shame.

FUCK. Computer shut down mid stream. Not happy about that.

Well, it's time to bang our toys together and make pew pew noises with Age of Wonders: Planetfall, released today! Our headliners? Amazons versus T H E V O I D (Well, insect-dudes of a Voidish persuasion)

Okay, all prep done for the stream, including our two commanders, Berhane and Krekto. She stronk. Him bug.

Eeeexcellent... AoW Planetfall's unpacking now, so we're on track for a 7PM start!

And secondly, Jupiter Hell, giving us that good, Doom: The Roguelike style action. Yes, fuck you Bethesda, it's DoomRL 2 to me. And it's fun.

Speaking of streams, it's time to put up yesterday's vids! First up, Iratus: Lord of the Dead. Summoning Undead for fun, profit, and revenge, ahh yes!

Also, I am going to repeat two easy ways of getting my attention as regards 4X

- Have playable bug people
- Have hotseat. It's good for theorycrafting, and not all of us *do* online play.

(For those who know what Age of Wonders hotseat is like, don't worry, it'll be two players. I'm slightly wide eyed at the "2-12 players" I've been seeing in preview footage, but I will restrain myself in the name of better entertainment.)

Well, this evening/night (epilepsy warning signs allowing), we shall be taking a poke at Age of Wonders: Planetfall. I am reliably informed it *does* have hotseat, so expect toys being banged together with pew-pew noises!

If you can, please drop a Ko-fi:

Well, I shall see folks tomorrow for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, but as for comments about this stream?

- I apologise to Kornel, both for mispronouncing his last name and playing so bad. :O

- Both were fun as heck.


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