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Finally, even though folks haven't really shown much interest in polls (cue Veldora style Laugh, NYAHAHAHAAAA), I would like folks to say if they're interested in any of the following retro-things for, say, a Wednesday stream. We'll give this a week.

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Hokay, while I'm waiting for follows to import, hi there, Jamie Durbin, aka The Mad Welshman here, migratin' to Bibeogaem zone because... Well, I write about dem bibeogaems at

I also do digital art, and you can find that at @TMWArtStuff (SFW) and @TMWLewd (NSFW.)

Support links are in my profile and on the site, if you like the reviews/streams/arts. 😉

EARLY ACCESS REVIEW: Conglomerate 451 is a promising step-based first person RPG, despite some economy problems, and a very silly reason behind its title.

REVIEW: The Surge 2's quality of life and mechanical upgrades, and its interesting world, place it head and shoulders above its predecessor. And considering it's predecessor was interesting, that's good!

REVIEW: @FinjiCo 's Overland remains hard as anything. But I'm also fond of it for two reasons - It's a game about making hard choices and *thinking* ... And it has Such Good Boys.

REVIEW: How to "play" Kind Words is in the title. It's something incentivising supporting others. Which, qualifiers aside, I fully support.

REVIEW: Hot Lava's first person platforming remains very well done. Except for the "Chase The -" levels, which can fall into the lava, thanks.

REVIEW: Exorcise the Demons is a game of one player puzzling, and the other also puzzling, but over how to help the other with their puzzling. So... Keep Talking, And Nobody Gets Possessed.

REVIEW: Archeo - Shinar embraces its period accurate colonialism. On *top* of that, it's a somewhat tedious game. So... Double downside, there.

REVIEW: Aery is certainly an interesting concept, a game where you're a bird flying round a prog-rockish landscape while listening to synthwave. It's main flaw, however, is pretty early.

REVIEW: AI - The Somnium Files is another wild ride from Spike Chunsoft, purveyors of fine, odd, and very dark adventures. And AI definitely fits all three of them.

Finally, I did, in *one* sense, demonstrate Overland's tactical, almost puzzle like action well. On the other, I had the *worst* stream luck.

Second up, Hot Lava continues to impress me with "Wait, first person platforming can be... Fun?"

Well, VODs have been surprisingly quick today, so, with CirclMaster on the dread Book of Rituals, here's us both playing Exorcise The Demons, a game best described as "Keep Talking, And Nobody's Possessed."

Okay, it's been a rough couple of weeks, but let's do a stream! Exorcise the Demons! Hot Lava! Overland! All on

REVIEW: Minoria, as it happens, proved a little too tough for me. Which is a shame, because while enemies punish you heavily for mistakes, its world is melancholically beautiful.

REVIEW: Children of Morta is, on the one hand, a fine pixelated Diablo-like ARPG. On the other, its an equally fine tale of a family coming together in the face of adversity.

EARLY ACCESS REVIEW: With its own touches on the twin-stick roguelite formula, Undermine definitely has its charm. We apologise for the lack of cute Pilfer screenshots.

EARLY ACCESS REVIEW: Re-Legend is a farming-adventurer lifesim in the vein of Rune Factory or Stardew Valley, but its own touches make it solid and promising, for the most part -

REVIEW: Destiny or Fate, since the last time I reviewed it... Well, it still doesn't want me to play it, because both grind and going straight to the boss are painful experiences.

NSFW GOING BACK: Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy may be short, and have one sex scene, but hot-damn, it's good fun, and it has a hidden joke in there too. <3

Okay, well, let's start with the NSFW reviews, shall we! NSFW REVIEW: Sweet Dream Succubus has great art, but, lacking basic visual novel functionality and playing in multiple loops without saves makes this a painful one.

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