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Hokay, while I'm waiting for follows to import, hi there, Jamie Durbin, aka The Mad Welshman here, migratin' to Bibeogaem zone because... Well, I write about dem bibeogaems at

I also do digital art, and you can find that at @TMWArtStuff (SFW) and @TMWLewd (NSFW.)

Support links are in my profile and on the site, if you like the reviews/streams/arts. 😉

Day hasn't been going great (See CW'd post for the silly question I've been asked today), but I'm playing Slay the Spire to destress, and...

...Well, crap. *That* just happened.

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I will say this though: Setting it in the End Times *does* help avoid answering that awkward question of "Why would you even, Mister Empire man? Why would you travel with a Dark Witch of Naggaroth?"

I mean, it doesn't *explain* it. But it *helps* to come up with some sort of explanation.

Yes, I'm still reviewing. Yes, I hope to have things for you this month. Yes, *everything on my docket right now is long*

And some of it is downright unfriendly. CF Warhammer Quest 2's absolute *fetish* for ambushes. Pictured: An ambush that added extra enemies to an ambush.

...On a lighter note, profit-loss got sent off to ye olde jobcentre, and, although two of the months were definitively losses, the year to date wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be, fiscally speaking.

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Aaand here's the VOD, in which, on the one hand, God Eater 3 Rank 2 spoilers happen. On the other, it ends on a cute note.

Muahahaha. Just under the 2 hour mark before I'd achieved all my goals (Righteously and Heavily Moon Aragami... Talk about game... Meet the two best characters.) A good stream.

In about 35 minutes (8PM UTC), we're going to give Aragami a fatal case of mooning in a God Eater 3 reviewstream. The usual place:

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Little touch of my own, and a recoiling away from the title letters, and I'm p. much done. CLIP Studio, using DAUB Acrylic Wet Round (slightly modified.)

Quite happy with it, honestly.

Well, half an hour later, my epilepsy *rudely* tried to interrupt, and this is where I'd gotten to when that happened about three and a half hours ago.

Because it's too early/late to do the reviewstream (Thanks body, for your traitorous actions), I'm doing a game box-art study to destress/practice, and... Honestly, I'm amazed I've done this well for an hour or so, considering the only source I have of the original box art's 200px...

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[looks at clock.] Gee, thanks body. Appreciate that. :|

(Basically, a lot of things have been slowed down by making *absolutely* sure I'm free for certain phone calls/emails this past week.)

There should be a stream tonight, potentially a lot to cover (and reviews should be incoming on the weekend), but how long and how many really depends how today goes.

Definitely God Eater 3 (Starting at Rank 2 to avoid loadsatutorial) though.

Apart from that, glad my mug is still hangin' on, even if I dispute its efficacy on its main selling point. 😋

You know you need more coffee in your day when your reasoning for wanting an Oculus or whatnot is to get Tilt Brush and paint lewd Cthulhus. Or maybe less coffee?

It's been a tense month, let me have this odd dream.

God Eater is also, oddly, a series where an S rank feels like you've let the side down. Or maybe that's just me.

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