*trying to find cookie recipes online*
'My grandfather was a man of few words. Every Tuesday night we'd visit his house and-'
*scroll scroll*
[12 huge photos of cookies]
*scroll scroll*
'Back then, there were fewer owls'
*scroll scroll*
[6 macro shots of cookies]
*scroll scroll*
'We returned to Birmingham the next day. Of course, this was before Granny's tits fell off-'
*scroll scroll*
*over halfway down the page now*
[5 more cookie pics]
'1. Fuck into a bowl
2. On tray put th
3. Hot'

@Inskora So, when you take this format to the extreme, you get #LikeWaterForChocolate. It's both actually a novel and actually a cookbook. I recommend it!

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@Inskora this is why I want to build a good cooking recipe website 😅

@Inskora It is to build a brand to sell ads. There is no copyright on recipes, but all that cruft is there to keep you on the page.

They are just exploiting your time for money.

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