Does anyone else play LinkedIn? It's this roleplaying site where you can create a profile for your worksona.

@Inskora i really suck at roleplay, even tho i'm okay at my work

Such a real take on it. LinkedIn is definitely a curated personality.

@Inskora I can't get into it. Like, every day four people certify you as being an expert at CSS 3.0 and you go verify them as being expert in SQL and it's just, does all this grinding ever come to a *point*?


There are those that swear by it.
And then
There are those that swear at it.

It can be good for networking, and getting a shot at some work or being hassled by recruiters, if that's what you're wanting.

@Inskora @chimericalgirls I did for a while, but my character got killed and I never rolled another.

@Inskora LOL! I actually do, but I suck at it, because I just put on my regular persona and try to pass it off as a worksona. Which, if you knew me at all, you'd know is absolutely ridiculous.

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