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I was born when a tramp wanked onto a pile of flood-damaged Judas Priest albums that a record shop had thrown out. Lightning struck the cummy pile, and brought it to life. My mum is Judas Priest, my dad is cum.

boost your own selfies. boost your own jokes. headbutt a policeman.

when someone refers to fps dips and stuttering as lag i dont correct them bc its such a petty thing but internally im screaming the entire time

I got hardly any work done this morning because I absolutely NEEDED to listen to Gary Gilmore's Eyes by the Adverts, and I couldn't concentrate on much until I finally got to listen to the song on my lunch break.

I don't even like the song that much (it's not on my mp3 player, so I had to YouPube it), but sometimes you just NEED to listen to a particular song, you know?

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Is there a way in Microsoft Word to change the text of the 'Open as Read Only?' prompt? My cow-irker keeps blindly clicking 'yes' to dismiss the prompt without reading it, and then is surprised when she can't save the document. I've explained it to her several times! I want to change the prompt so it says something like 'Open as Read Only? MRS TRELLIS, THIS MEANS YOU NEED TO CLICK 'NO' IF YOU WANT TO EDIT THIS FUCKER'

What's your favourite game that no other fucker seems to have heard of?

Mine's the two Raidou Kuzunoha games (the second of which wasn't even released in PAL territories). The combat system is kinda balls but everything else is a hoot! The first game is set in the 1920s and you fight Rasputin (who is resurrected as a robot) and blow up a satellite (even though those weren't invented then). You're accompanied by a talking cat who's your reincarnated ancestor.

What's your favourite album of 2018 and why is it Firepower by Judas Priest?

"Your librarian name is the last name of an author you're not into, followed by something that lives in the water"

I'm Gould Trout.

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I tried to transfer a couple of domains from one registrar to another, but it failed because I forgot to unlock the domains first. That's my fault for forgetting, but why is it even possible to request a transfer code for a locked domain? Not sure what the point of domain locking is, when it's not as though I could accidentally request the transfer code and then accidentally paste it into the new registrar.

Your mum told me that fermented apple juice is a good topical remedy for nettle stings. I think that's what she said, anyway. She said every time she gets a prick in her hand, she puts it in cider.

I edited @dailykong so it'll never output a certain slur (which I totally didn't consider as a possibility when setting it up).

Tried sriracha sauce for the first time. It's just chilli sauce. It's nice chilli sauce, but the way people bang on about it, you'd think it was God cum.

Hello Games, take note: a corrupted sentinel in every fourth salvage casing is terrifying. A corrupted sentinel in every salvage casing is boring.

Got stuck in a toilet today. I WhatsApp'd my cow-irkers to let me out, but they had their phones on silent. I had to bang on the door until someone rescued me.

Burp so hard Stonehenge explodes, you stupid bastard.

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