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I was born when a tramp wanked onto a pile of flood-damaged Judas Priest albums that a record shop had thrown out. Lightning struck the cummy pile, and brought it to life. My mum is Judas Priest, my dad is cum.

I still can't believe Disney bought LucasArts and fucking disbanded it instead of making a Monkey Island movie.

The surface of Venus would make a boss tits album art for a metal band. Roiling sulphurous clouds with constant lightning on mountains covered in silver snow.

inFamous and Fallout New Vegas are both games about being a postman for whom everything quickly goes to shit.

Do they use blue fluid in menstrual product adverts because it's a visual pun on 'ragtime and blues'?

When a dust devil forms over a grassfire and tumbleweeds

Say what you want about David Cage, but nothing will ever beat the slapstick chase that happens in Heavy Rain if you fail every QTE

I'd like to see an action film in which the typical grizzled hero has that typical very growly voice, until someone gives him a strepsil 5 minutes in. He says 'Oh, thanks mate,' consumes it, then talks in a normal people voice for the rest of the film.

It bugs me that in the first Devil May Cry, Dante destroys an entire beautifully-preserved T-rex skeleton with no remorse. And yet if you make him look at at a weather-damaged statue, he remarks 'poor thing'. What about the lovely fossil that YOU cunted in the murray??

Has anyone made a (commercial) game where the easy, normal + hard settings are actually identical, to see if players perceive them differently because of the placebo effect?

"Being a velvet spider that lives underground, the genus was named after musician Lou Reed."

If there was a swimming pool full of liquid chemically identical to human tears, could we comfortably submerge in it with our eyes open?

Apparently Baby's Day Out was super popular in India, to the extent that they made two sequels for it!

Headcanon: Baby's Day Out is what Joey Pants' character did before he got unplugged from the Matrix. That's why he says 'I don't wanna remember ANYTHING' to the Agents.

'You' and 'thou' are both spelled with 'ou', but 'you' rhymes with poo and 'thou' rhymes with Mao. Why? Did people actually used to pronounce it 'yao' rather than 'yoo'?

Try to forget that mnemonic. You won't ever. You know the names of the atmospheric layers forever.

The (Troposphere)
Straight (Stratosphere)
Man's (Mesosphere)
Testicles (Thermosphere)
Exploded (Exosphere)

Why does Barry Manilow look like one of those old scary ventriloquists' dummies in this photo?

every song on your computer is replaced with "<Song Title> Computer Eggs Mix.mp3" where its the same song but halfway through the music stops and replaced by silence and then me saying "computer eggs" and then the music resumes

I found that there's a wiki for unused/cut content in games and this is absolutely my jam. Here's the Spyro 1 page: