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I was born when a tramp wanked onto a pile of flood-damaged Judas Priest albums that a record shop had thrown out. Lightning struck the cummy pile, and brought it to life. My mum is Judas Priest, my dad is cum.

Raccoons are in a family of animals called procyonidae. This basically means 'proto-dogs' even though they aren't particularly closely related to dogs.

However, tanukis (so-called 'Japanese raccoons') are actually canines. Their resemblance to true raccoons is superficial. (In some Japanese dialects, the words for tanuki and badger are interchangeable. Badgers are mustelids, making them more closely related to raccoons (with whom they share the superfamily Musteloidea) than to tanuki.)

I don't get how 'does the set of all sets contain itself?' is a paradox. Obviously it does.

Aliens are going to be well annoyed when they find we've been having Mr/Miss Universe contests and not inviting them.


๐Ÿˆถ ๐Ÿ’ฌ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŒŸ

Why the greasy poop isn't there a disco ball emoji??!

Going to see Carpenter Brut in October! ๐Ÿค˜โœจ

Twitter Nazis wear @jack-boots.


Found a safe way of harvesting larval cores in :

Dig a hole under the eggs using the terrain manipulator. The eggs will remain hovering above the hole, because No Man's Sky.
Jump into the hole!
Aim your mining laser up and harvest those eggs. The larval cores will fall into the hole with you, and you can pick them up off the floor. The horrors won't jump into the hole for some reason, and being in the hole protects you from environmental hazards.

Bloodstock is the messiest festival I've ever been to. Litter everywhere, not enough bins, and bins not segregated by waste type. Bluedot had separate bins for cans and bottles, biodegradable matter, and general waste.

When I checked into my hotel in Burton on Trent, the receptionist wouldn't say my room number out loud, only show it to me written down. That's some New York City level paranoia.
Then I got into a taxi, which had a sign warning that the taxi company would not tolerate the use of its vehicles for human trafficking. GOOD, but scary to have to mention.
In the taxi back from Bloodstock, the driver was surprised I'd come by myself.

Is Burton/Staffordshire in general scary and I didn't know?

I hate summer pudding because it's white bread soaked in fruit juice, which sounds bollocks but it tastes nice. What the fuck, how dare

I found a creature whose behavior is 'patient hunter' but whose diet is faeces. It hunts poo.

To my fellow metalheads: it's entirely possible to celebrate metal without putting down other genres! T shirts and patches saying 'fuck pop' and 'fuck dubstep' make me sad.

I'm in Birmingham, the home of metal! I hate it because the train station signage is confusing as hell!

I loved seeing everyone's patch jackets too. Everyone does theirs differently, and there's no wrong way to do it.

Cool outfits/shirts I saw at :
- T-shirt saying 'NAZI TRUMPS FUCK OFF' with Trump's head in one of those prohibited signs ๐Ÿšซ
- Person dressed as a banana, brandishing a real banana
- Person dressed as a tube of toothpaste
- Guy with no trousers, in a t-shirt saying 'GAYWATCH' in the Baywatch logo font
- Presumably ironic Justin Bieber shirt
- Two people in Predator cosplay

They played Saints in Hell! They've never performed that live before. I was even listening to it on my player on the way up, and thinking 'man, it's a shame this has never been part of their live set.'

I love Judas Priest so much! My throat is sore from all the yelling and singing I did.