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Hey folks, @pupper and I have had all of our benefits taken away, giving us a grand total of £133 income this month. Our rent and bills total around £700 before food or any other expenses.

We're entirely reliant on donations for food and bills right now. Please share and give a little if you have it to spare. Thank you.

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I have a fursona! She's a bear and her name is Yvaine. Art by my wonderful and talented girlfriend @pupper!

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Seems like a good time for a .

I'm Caelyn, I'm a queer fat trans lady in my thirties. I like videogames, comics, tabletop RPGs, LARPing, and all kinds of other nerdy shiz. I'm sort of a writer, but my fun mental health problems tend to fuck that up.

I mostly toot about the above mentioned hobbies, being incredibly gay and shitty UK politics stuff, mainly my infinite hatred of the DWP.

I also make terrible jokes and spend way too much time being Hornt On Main, but it's all CW'd.

It's fucked up that "maybe some things should just exist to beneft society and not make money" is such a controversial idea.

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I do the thing where I start hating on stuff that is disproportionately popular, even if I actually like it, and the more time I spend on social media, the more I want to just burn D&D to the ground.

What's the state of Xbox 360 emulation these days? I'm still salty that the best Fable is the only one you can't get on PC.

hello, i wrote a pretty personal thing about making things and how i feel about it. the title is a pretty good indicator of where i'm at right now, lol..

GP appointment: made
Text from mum: replied to
Council pest control department: contacted
Adulted: like a baws

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Voltron-style mech game that seems like a super hardcore sim until you combine to form the big robot at which point it turns into multiplayer co-op QWOP.

What's your favourite stuff, fedifriends? Games (tabletop or vidya) anime, comics, whatever.

Between Titanfall and Lancer I'm on a huge fucking mech kick right now.

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I wonder if we could get rid of "alt-right" fuckboys by showing them old footage of aging racist stand up comedians and making them all die of embarrassment as they realise that Roy "Chubby" Brown did all their material first.

I am the most popular tooter on the fediverse who isn't funded by Big Linux.

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