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I have a fursona! She's a bear and her name is Yvaine. Art by my wonderful and talented girlfriend @pupper!

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Seems like a good time for a .

I'm Caelyn, I'm a queer fat trans lady in my thirties. I like videogames, comics, tabletop RPGs, LARPing, and all kinds of other nerdy shiz. I'm sort of a writer, but my fun mental health problems tend to fuck that up.

I mostly toot about the above mentioned hobbies, being incredibly gay and shitty UK politics stuff, mainly my infinite hatred of the DWP.

I also make terrible jokes and spend way too much time being Hornt On Main, but it's all CW'd.

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Hey folks! Fans of my quality, hand-crafted toots and of supporting poor, disabled trans women can make my existence on this plane a little less difficult and a little more joyful by shoving fat wads of digital cash into this dank orifice:

Thank you! I love you all!

We had a visit from bailiffs today. We owe council tax about £1300

I have £40 to my name even if I maxxed everything out. They can give 2 days notice before breaking in and removing goods

I though this was covered back in march, but apparently that was a different year

I'm desparate. I have some contract work on, but it's a while until it pays and I still have rent to pay, not to mention I'm barely scraping by on contracts right now

If anyone can help, my PayPal is

I just managed to hurt my shoulder flailing at the fruit flies that have been swarming the flat for the past few days.

Two facts that may or may not be related:

1. It's my birthday in two weeks! (Feb 6th)

2. I have an Amazon wishlist.


I'm really looking forward to trying the PoE2 turn-based mode tomorrow.

When the east coast mainline was renationalised for five years, it paid back £1bn to the taxpayer, as opposed to costing money in subsidies. The government privatised it again anyway.

My dream job in the games industry would be writing/designing for a developer that made ambitious but janky RPGs.

i might stream monster prom at some point, try and date vera again ;D

If you're going to make a big open-world game with map icons, they need to appear as you discover them (either by stumbling across them or being told of them), and not be dumped on your map at once, Ubisoft-style.

The former is a useful navigation aid when you're exploring. The former removes exploration and replaces it with a to-do list.

Okay, now how do I get rid of those ugly scroll bars and go back to the ones I had before?

Okay, done. Tooting from Firefox. You can be less ashamed of me now.

Me: Can't think of a good password for something important.

Me: Decides to sort out a password manager.

Me: Can't think of a good password for the password manager.

I'm being good and finally getting round to switching back to Firefox. I still need to sort out some kind of password management solution though.

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Being deep in "can't concentrate on or enjoy anything" depression mode doesn't help.

I'm not sure about this regular human sleeping hours thing. I seem to be spending way more time bored on my own because a majority of my online chums are either in bed or at work.

Some twonk on Eurogamer thinks I sent him private abuse because the EG comments system notified him of a response I made to him that used a swear.

I'm not getting out of bed and you can't make me!

Two facts that may or may not be related:

1. It's my birthday in two weeks! (Feb 6th)

2. I have an Amazon wishlist.


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