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Hey folks, @pupper and I have had all of our benefits taken away, giving us a grand total of £133 income this month. Our rent and bills total around £700 before food or any other expenses.

We're entirely reliant on donations for food and bills right now. Please share and give a little if you have it to spare. Thank you.

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I have a fursona! She's a bear and her name is Yvaine. Art by my wonderful and talented girlfriend @pupper!

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Seems like a good time for a .

I'm Caelyn, I'm a queer fat trans lady in my thirties. I like videogames, comics, tabletop RPGs, LARPing, and all kinds of other nerdy shiz. I'm sort of a writer, but my fun mental health problems tend to fuck that up.

I mostly toot about the above mentioned hobbies, being incredibly gay and shitty UK politics stuff, mainly my infinite hatred of the DWP.

I also make terrible jokes and spend way too much time being Hornt On Main, but it's all CW'd.

What's a nice way to say "You're either arguing in bad faith or you're really fucking dense, so please shut up?"

Is it weird that almost all of the cishet men I like and feel comfortable around fit into the same small demographic?

1. Over 40.
2. Are dads.
3. Have at least one hobby that is incredibly nerdy and involves tinkering in some way. Coding, electronics, painting minis, collecting toys etc.
4.Have politics that boil down to "wants a quiet life, thinks EVERYONE should be allowed to have a quiet life and will get quite aggressive about nasty people who want to fuck that up for them."

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I spent much of today hanging out on a Transformers forum (yeah, I registered on a forum in 20-fucking-19) and being in that environment of a bunch of mostly male nerds yelling at each other over pointless shit again is so weird.

Fortunately, the UK toy thread, which was my main reason for registering, seems a much gentler place.

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Ye gods do people make me feel old and tired sometimes.

Feeling much better than I did yesterday. Spending some chill time with my cutie and some good food definitely helped.

Does anyone else get confused by screenshots of unmodded Stardew Valley because they've only ever played it with furry mods?

(And I have a really cute round girlfriend.)

I relate to IDW Arcee because I am also a trans lesbian who is millions of years older than everyone around her.

Oh, guess the discourse from the toots of people talking about the discourse! It's, like, my *favourite* game.

there are two wolves inside of you
they both have steady jobs with a decent salary
you are an affordably priced starter home

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World of Warcraft mod that plays the "Illusion is the ultimate weapon" line from the MASK theme tune every time you use the nightborne disguise in Suramar.

inside of you are two wolves
except there are five of them
and they're lions
robot lions
you're voltron

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